10 Cinematic Dishes That Fans Would Love To See Featured In The Parks

The Walt Disney Parks have continued to offer guests a variety of exciting food choices, many of which are inspired by their cinematic classics. With the parks starting to re-open across the world and many of them continuing to expand, there are countless other scrumptious-looking dishes that fans would love to try from Disney’s films and TV shows.

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Of course, the parks have already entered into new territory with the variety of foods brought in for both Star Wars‘ Galaxy’s Edge and Avatar’s Pandora. With new intellectual properties recently acquired by the Walt Disney Company, as well as underrated classics making a return thanks to Disney+, there’s now more food than ever to draw inspiration from.

10 Bao Dumplings (Bao)

Bao is one of Pixar’s most beloved short films. The movie sees the relationship between a mother and a son compared to making delicious dumplings. It’s an especially moving piece of cinema, which gives audiences the craving to try out those dumplings.

While there are various versions of dumplings and steamed buns throughout the Parks, none are sold as Bao treats with the same recipe and fillings. It seems like a missed opportunity that should certainly be capitalized on at Epcot and beyond.

9 Motunui Kalua Pork (Moana)

Moana trying pork with her family in Moana

In regards to Epcot and their World Showcase, the Hawaiian-inspired Kalua Pork Sliders have been featured at the food fair before. However, Motunui’s Kalua Pork, inspired by the popular Moana, has yet to be a regular dish on any of the menus across the parks.

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This marinated meat looks absolutely delicious and is one of the character’s favorite meals. The Disney Parks are expanding to include more Moana content, including a re-theme of some hotels and restaurants and new attractions. That seems like a great opportunity to introduce the dish.

8 Krusty Burger (The Simpsons)

While the Simpsons franchise still firmly sits with Universal Studios, it’s not out of the question to expect some aspects of the hit animated show to be featured in Walt Disney Parks over the next couple of decades; perhaps even with a whole land based on Springfield.

Taking a leaf from Universal could see Disney try to create their own version of Krusty the Clown’s burger chain, with the Krusty Burger taking pride of place. It would be fun to see the different takes on the iconic meal, with the restaurant certainly fitting in well with the various establishments at Hollywood Studios.

7 Kronk’s Spinach Puffs (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Kronk with Kuzco and Yzma with Spinach Puffs in Emperors New Groove

The Emperor’s New Groove is perhaps one of Disney’s most underrated movies. Kronk has always been a standout character in both the original movie, sequel, and TV show, and his famous spinach puffs have always created a mouth-watering sensation for audiences.

There are plenty of recipes online on how to make the dish, yet Disney Parks haven’t capitalized on the popularity of the food. Perhaps it’s because so many viewers are still unfamiliar with Kronk, but with new eyes seeing the movie on Disney+, there may be hope for the dish in the future.

6 Empire Biscuits (Brave)

THe triplets eating Empire biscuits in Brave

Pixar’s Brave explores Scottish culture in great detail and this of course includes the food. While there are not many dishes included in the film, there are some great banquet scenes and a look at the baker’s brilliant oven-baked goods. Among them are the Empire biscuits.

These treats are relatively simple and resemble Bakewell tarts in many ways. With a cherry, jam, two biscuits sandwiched together and some icing, there’s a lot to love about the idea of an Empire biscuit. Brave is usually overlooked by the Disney Parks, so this would be an easy way to make mention of the modern classic.

5 Vanellope’s Candy Kart (Wreck-It Ralph)

Vanellope admiring her Candy Kart in Wreck It Ralph

Vanellope Von Schweetz turns out to be the princess of Sugar Rush in Wreck-It Ralph, but before she can reclaim her status she must cross the finish line in an all-important race. Ralph and the young Vanellope create a chaotic Candy Kart together to enter into the competition.

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While it’s far from elegant, Von Schweetz adores her new ride and is equally heartbroken when Ralph has to crush it to pieces. Fans would love to get their hands on a mini version of the Candy Kart which would surely taste as delicious as it looks on screen.

4 Frenchfry’s Fast Food (Lilo & Stitch)

In the Lilo & Stitch animated series, it’s revealed that there are hundreds more experiments that have fallen to Earth and are trying to cause global destruction. One of them is the cook known as Frenchfry, who creates addictive, highly unhealthy fast food.

His evil plan is eventually subverted, with Frenchfry deciding to create highly addictive health foods instead. With Disney looking to create healthy vegan and vegetarian alternatives on their menus, some of Frenchfry’s fast food could come in handy, perhaps including dishes like the impossible burger.

3 Cheese Soufflé (Beauty and the Beast)

Belle Trying Cheese Souffle in Be Our Guest Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast features some classic French cooking and the soufflé is certainly a staple of the country’s cuisine. The iconic song “Be Our Guest” boasts about a whole range of potential dishes for Belle to try, including the cheese soufflé.

What might be surprising is that it’s pretty difficult to find this dish on any menu in the Disney Parks. Considering that a soufflé is usually a sweet dish, it would certainly be a wonderful experience to try out a savory cheese variation of the French dish.

2 Cookie’s Mush (Atlantis)

Milo and Cooking having dinner in Atlantis

Atlantis is another underrated gem from the Disney archives and could potentially be considered a sci-fi classic. During Milo’s journey to the mysterious hidden world, he has to eat whatever Chef Cookie is cooking up. Unfortunately, he only believes in four basic food groups: beans, bacon, whiskey, and lard.

The mush that Cookie produces for the crew to eat looks disgusting, but break down the ingredients included, and with some seasoning, potatoes, and a little flair it could actually be a really delicious meal. Perhaps the Disney Parks could have a go at bringing the dish to life.

1 Mushu’s Congee (Mulan)

There’s plenty of Mulan-inspired dishes to choose from in the Disney Parks but the Mushu breakfast that’s presented to guests isn’t quite the same as the congee that’s produced in the film. The idea has been westernized a little for the parks.

Congee is a Chinese dish involving rice and chicken stock. It’s a perfect meal for a young warrior to build up their strength and should be served in its original classic form for the parks, so that guests can get the authentic experience.

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