3 Things Rory Gilmore Should Have Known About Journalism, but Just Didn’t

Rory Gilmore’s dream was to be a journalist. While Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino made sure fans were aware of Rory’s plan from the very first episode, she failed to make the character well-versed in the field. When Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premiered, Rory was over 30. She should have had about eight years of journalism experience under her belt. Still, there was a ton about the field that she didn’t know. So, do you remember these three things that Rory should have known about her chosen profession that she just didn’t? 

Rory didn’t know she should have been looking for internships 

Rory attended a prestigious prep school and then went onto the Ivy League. During her freshman year of college, she successfully made the Yale Daily News, did reasonably well in her classes, and met with professors on more than one occasion. She was also friends with people who were on the paper. Somehow, however, the idea of an internship never entered Rory’s mind. 

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