Android 12 DP1: Darkish theme not AMOLED black

As we’ve been delving additional into the primary Android 12 Developer Preview, tweaks have been noticed, together with to the darkish theme on Pixel gadgets — which is not fully or AMOLED black.

Initially noticed by the staff over at Android Police, when utilized, the darkish theme in your Pixel will extra carefully resemble a darkish gray-blue than a pitch or AMOLED black. Now this could be a irritating tweak should you do desire the doubtless battery-saving pitch-black shade scheme that’s current on Android 11 and under.

As AP notes, the precise darkish theme shade with the Android 12 Developer Preview is #171c21 relatively than a pure black shade. It’s as much as you simply how you’re feeling about this transformation, as some discover that pitch black is healthier than a grey hue, whereas others merely don’t care. I have to admit that I fall into that latter group, it’s not an enormous deal, however we will perceive whether it is to you.

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