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Brexit ‘sole reason’ for UK vaccine success as EU chief Charles Michel attacked | Politics | News

Rod Liddle appeared on talkRADIO and was asked for his reaction to the European Union’s mismanagement of its vaccine rollout. The Spectator Associate Editor picked out the EU Council President Charles Michel after he claimed this week that Britain had an export ban on vaccines. Mr Michel’s comments led Dominic Raab to summon the EU’s ambassador to London for a dressing down and Mr Liddle was all too happy to provide his own brutal slapdown of the EU boss.

The political columnist said: “The latest stuff the row between Dominic Raab and the British government and Charles Michel, who’s President of the European Council is just this wonderful reminder of what we have got the hell out of.

“He is known throughout Europe as being a kind-of Macron toady even to the extent of copying the polo neck which President Macron wears.”

He added: “The sole reason we have been able to get our vaccine out to so many people is because we are not in the European Union.”

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The European Council President this week sparked outrage in Downing Street after he accused the Government of slapping an “outright ban” on drugs giants from sending their jabs abroad.

His remarks prompted a high-level intervention from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who insisted Britain had not blocked any exports and opposes “vaccine nationalism”.

Despite this, Mr Michel, the EU’s most senior official, has continued to push his claim that Britain is preventing vaccines from leaving UK shores.

While threatening to blow-up an already fractious relationship between the UK and EU, Mr Michel insisted he wanted to maintain positive relations but refused to apologise for his remarks.

“The facts are the facts. At a certain point, it’s my call for more transparency. How many doses did they export?”

He added: “I saw yesterday evening some reactions but I didn’t see and I haven’t seen how many doses they export outside of the UK.

“How many doses did they send to Europe or to third countries? Not only to Europe, it’s not just a question for Europe.”

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