Bungie’s Halo 4 Might Have Been Closer to 343 Industries’ Vision Than You Think

Marcus Lehto, co-creator of the original Halo games with Bungie, recently talked about some of Bungie’s original ideas for Halo 4. He explained that Bungie’s ideas were not dissimilar from what 343 Industries produced when they took reigns over the Halo franchise.

In a video interview with the YouTube channel HiddenXperiea, Lehto talked about Bungie’s ideas for Halo 4, which the company explored before settling on making the prequel game, Halo: Reach.

“We did mull it over a little bit. We ended Halo 3 with, ‘Wake me when you need me.’ And we knew if we were going to launch into [Master Chief’s] story beyond Halo 3 that it was going to be a big trilogy,” Lehto says.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer – E3 2021

He adds that the team was looking to introduce the Forerunner mystery that launched 343’s new trilogy, though Bungie’s approach would have differed a bit from Halo 4’s. “We would probably have kept the Forerunners much more a mystery, and introduced [Master Chief] to a different set of enemies as well.”

But ultimately, Bungie’s thought process was “not all that dissimilar to what [343 Industries] actually ended up doing, but we knew that if we were to venture into that, it would have been so much more than what we would have been able to tackle contractually with Microsoft.”

Bungie opted to make a game about the Fall of Reach in a bombastic prequel that didn’t even star Master Chief. Bungie then parted ways with Microsoft, branching out to create Destiny while Microsoft formed 343 Industries to start a new trilogy of Halo games, starting with Halo 4.

Marcus Lehto branched out on his own, forming V1 Interactive to launch a new game Disintegration in 2020. Lehto announced that V1 would close down earlier this year.

343 is hard at work on Halo Infinite, the third chapter in the Reclaimer Saga. Once again starring Master Chief, Halo Infinite is slated to finally be released this holiday after originally being planned as an Xbox Series X|S launch title.

Matt T.M. Kim is IGN’s News Editor.

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