COVID-19 vaccine appointments more available in NYC

Kaheem Lewis did not get the vaccine.

The Wakefield resident says he does not trust the shot despite its emergency use authorization from the FDA and scientists saying it is safe and effective.

“I’m hesitant because I don’t wanna take it and get sick cause I’ve seen other people take it and get sick,” he said.

While serious, severe side effects from the vaccine are rare, it seems fewer New Yorkers are competing for once-coveted appointments.

On Turbovax, more than 42,000 appointments were available on Monday night, and the site’s creator told us traffic is down by 90 percent in the last seven days compared to the week prior.

During his daily briefing, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the people most eager for the vaccine have been vaccinated.

“Now, we’re getting into more and more folks who need a little more encouragement, need it to be a little easier, or need some more answers to feel comfortable, and that’s why we’re experimenting with things like the walk-ins and a much greater grassroots outreach effort, particularly in communities that need it most,” the mayor said.

De Blasio also announced that the American Museum of Natural History will become a vaccine site, and he said more vaccine sites will lead to more people innoculated.

Susan Canter says the pause in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine does not help with vaccine hesitancy.

“I got the Johnson shot, I got COVID a week later, and they came out with the whole thing about the pause and the blood clots, I wasn’t very happy, so I’m not surprised people are not out rushing to get it,” she said.

While Lewis is not ready for his shot, his friends Christ Kendrick and Kevin Worrell say they feel more confident about their health with the vaccine.

“I have asthma. I know it’s COVID or the vaccine, and I felt like the vaccine was better,” Kendrick said.

“At home, I have my grandfather and my mother who are not the healthiest,” Worrell said. “So I took the vaccine so if I’m well, they should be well as well.”

So far, almost half of adults in NYC have at least one dose. The vaccine site here at the Museum is expected to open Friday.

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