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Critiquing Joe Biden’s first presidential press conference

The president finally held a press conference. He had promised the most transparent administration ever and what is very transparent is that Joe Biden is being handled by people in the background. His performance last Thursday was very sad to watch. He showed up 15 minutes late to a well-planned conference. I have never understood why these leaders are late so many times. Was Joe being propped up with medication or a pregame pep talk?

He came into the room with a binder of notes and pictures of the members of the White House Press Corps. The pictures had circles and numbers around them in the desire by his handlers to have him call on predetermined reporters who would ask softball questions. I watched as he rambled on and on about items and found him very difficult to follow as he wasn’t very coherent on some of the answers. There were times when he simply stopped mid-thought, other times when he just said, “I’ve said enough,” and other times he seemed to be answering another question rather than the one he was asked. I wonder if he had called on the reporters out of the agreed-upon order but was answering the questions in the scripted order. How sad it is to think that his staff/handlers would work so hard to deceive their fellow citizens by propping up a man with cognitive decline during this charade.

The White House Press Corps has brought shame upon a noble profession. It is the duty of a reporter to be the watchdog for the people. The press is responsible for holding elected leader’s feet to the fire as the leaders enact legislation that will affect all of us. The press are the ones whom we count upon to expose corruption, lies, deceit and graft.

Years ago in an episode of “M*A*S*H,” Hawkeye and Trapper were trying to get an incubator for the 4077th and they went up the chain of command. Finally; they attended a press conference and questioned a general on the issue. His response to the difficult question was, “This is a press conference and the last thing I want to do is answer a lot of questions!”

The reporters at the Biden conference who asked the questions seemed to be there to prop up the administration rather than to get information. Edward R. Murrow would have been very angry with Yamiche Alcindo of the PBS network who gushed at the president with her question regarding immigration. Were the people coming into our country because they perceive Joe Biden as a moral and decent man? Hardly the stuff of the MacNeil/Lehrer quality of the past.

The rest of the press corps was equally bad. There were no tough initial questions and zero tough follow-up questions.

When President Biden suggested the need to raise millions of miles of highways and roads in America by three feet due to climate change, there wasn’t a follow-up to have him explain the need or the way it would be paid for. If the roads have to be raised due to rising sea levels, then it stands to reason every building and plot of land next to those roads would need to be elevated. Are we going to pay for the Hampton Beach front homes to be elevated for his cronies?

There wasn’t a single question about two Democrat governors being challenged. Newsom is getting recalled and Cuomo is under fire for sexual allegations as well as the deaths of thousands of elderly citizens due to his rules.

It was appalling.

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