Element TD 2 is an artifact from the golden age of tower defense

Sometimes custom game modes and mods are transient experiences that come and go, flavors of the month. Some stick around though, or break out into their own standalone game or even genre. Games like DayZ, PUBG, or Auto Chess. The best-known example of a custom game becoming a standalone genre is the MOBA, growing as it did from Aeon of Strife for Starcraft, then Defense of the Ancients for Warcraft 3. 

But another movement thrived in the era of Warcraft 3 custom games: Tower defense. One of the biggest in the Warcraft 3 days was Element TD, which has survived by jumping and evolving from platform to platform over the last 16 years. From Warcraft 3 custom map to Flash game, to StarCraft 2 arcade, to Dota 2 and mobile. Its most devout fans still love Element TD, having followed it for years—and now, finally, they have a game all their own.

(Image credit: Element Studios)

These days tower defense is often a pretty chill affair, as seen in games like Bloons TD, which thrived on mobile and, more recently, on Steam. That’s not what Element TD 2, which left Early Access this month, is going for.

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