Epic will lose over $300M on Epic Games Store exclusives, is fine with that

To take on Steam, Epic Games has spent the past two years shoveling Fortnite money into the Epic Games Store, making over 100 exclusivity deals and giving away free games every week. We knew Epic was spending a lot of money to get customers onto its store, but didn’t have many specifics until now. Thanks to Epic’s big legal fight with Apple, we learned this week that Epic committed around $444 million to Epic Game Store exclusivity deals in 2020 alone.

More precisely, that’s $444 million on “minimum guarantees” for games that release on the Epic Games Store but stay off of Steam for a year. A “minimum guarantee” is just another way to refer to an advance: It means that Epic guarantees the publisher a certain amount of money whether or not their game actually sells well enough to cover it.

Apple says that Epic lost $181 million on the Epic Games Store in 2019, projected a loss of $273 million last year, and projects another loss of $139 million this year.

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