How to travel with unvaccinated children

(WSIL) — As we head into vacation season, the pandemic has made it difficult for families to plan a safe trip, especially for unvaccinated children.

Outreach Coordinator Nathan Ryder, from Southern Seven Health Department says it is all about comfort when it comes to planning your vacation.

He shared some tips on how to keep you and your kids safe while traveling.

Planning a vacation with unvaccinated children can be difficult when you factor in COVID-19 case numbers or virus mutations. But Ryder says figure out what’s safe for you and how risky it is.

“You’re making your way through the airport, to getting on your plane and then going through that process all again before you get to your destination. That’s a lot of opportunities for you to encounter COVID-19. Now you look at that versus traveling in your own car with your own family who you live with all the time, you know that’s an opportunity where you don’t have to be masked,” he said.

Families like Tanasha Rodgers’ say they’re taking a road trip to Disney World. Researching COVID-19 restrictions for Florida and using a travel agent helped her planning process.

“We just kind of got online and looked at what they’re policy was right now and stuff they’re doing due to COVID. I didn’t even know if they were open and they are and they do have a lot of polices in line that check out with what we are doing. So just social distancing and wearing our masks,” she said.

Ryder says whether you chose camping or a resort, deciding where to stay all depends on if you can take the right precautions and maintain a safe distance.

“I would just recommend that people make sure to follow our three simple procedures: where your mask, wash your hands frequently and keep that social distancing when you’re in crowded environments and when you’re outside and you can keep six feet apart form other people, we’re able to be more relaxed and that’s a good thing,” he said.

Ryder also says a good tip is to have a back-up plan in case your destination goes into a shutdown or enforces new restrictions.

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