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I recovered from Covid-19. When can I start working out?

The worst long-term side-effect of Covid-19 is undoubtedly weakness. Although symptoms disappear after recovery, most people complain of a lingering sense of fatigue, with limited ability to exercise or even perform daily activities. Several patients also experience muscle pain long after recovery.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, this can work against you because we are sure you don’t miss your workout sessions for the world but of course, Covid stopped you. Now, if you have recovered from Covid-19 and are wondering whether you can just about attempt to resume your mini-workout sessions at home, here’s the answer. consulted two doctors, who advised exercise routines that you can follow, if you wish to regain your physical strength after recovering from Covid-19.


Soon after recovery, it is important for you to understand that you must not rush with your fitness session since Covid makes your body weak. Do not exert yourself. “Go for a slow and steady exercise schedule which will not exhaust your oxygen reserve in the lungs,” Dr Ijen Bhattacharya, physician and diabetologist from Ghaziabad, told


You may resume routine work at home but do not stress yourself, Dr Ijen Bhattacharya said, adding that “breathing exercises and Pranayam are good. You may also do brisk walking for 15-30 minutes on every alternate day at home itself.”

If you enjoy doing intense workouts, hold on for a month. Around 30 days after recovering from Covid, “you can do push-ups and muscle-building exercises,” he said.


To begin with, it is crucial to assess the impact of the virus on the individual and their body. “If the patient has been asymptomatic, then start off with brisk walking for 15-20 minutes as this can get your muscles moving. This is also a good form of exercise since the intensity can be regulated by the individual,” Dr Meenakshi Sharma from Gurugram told


You’ve beaten Covid and that’s great news, but you must continue to consume immunity-boosting drinks and healthy food to strengthen your system. “Steam inhalation and practicing deep-breathing exercises are the best ways to help rebuild and stabilise immunity,” Dr Meenakshi Sharma added.


Don’t forget to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. “The most important thing is to keep yourselves hydrated (200 ml water every half an hour). Also, exercise according to your own limitations and don’t overdo,” Dr Ijen Bhattacharya added.

India recorded a new high of 4,14,188 new Covid-19 cases on Friday, taking the caseload to 2,14,91,598, according to the Union Health Ministry.

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