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Marcus Rashford campaign sees sculptor create mural of striker KICKING Boris Johnson door

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford has been deeply involved in philanthropic activities in the UK ever since the coronavirus induced lockdown a year ago. The English forward went neck to neck with the government of the UK led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson over several issues during the period, often forcing the administration to concede to his valid and legitimate welfare-driven demands. Now, a Rashford Boris Johnson mural has gone viral on social media, suggesting his struggle against the government. 

Rashford Boris Johnson mural: Striker kicks British PM in new mural 

A black and white Boris Johnson door mural covered with graffiti curated by an unknown artist was discovered on the bank of a canal near Old Trafford. In the mural, Rashford is seen wearing the England national team jersey with children standing on either side. His right foot is seen raised, depicting the striker kicking at a door. 

Further, a replica of the famous black door of Downing Street is seen lying on the ground, which seemingly is depicted in a way to suggest that the door has been kicked down by the 23-year-old England superstar. Notably, Downing Street is the official residence and office of the UK Prime Minister.

Fans react to Rashford Boris Johnson door mural

Marcus Rashford campaign impacts 1.4 million people 

The mural well suggests Rashford’s efforts in standing up for the deprived sections of society during the coronavirus-induced lockdown. The striker forced the British government to continue and improve upon the Free Schools Meal Scheme, which aims at providing free meals to school children during the lockdown. 

The Marcus Rashford campaign helped at least 1.4 million beneficiaries with free meals during school holidays as well. The England international’s campaign saw a host of local businesses in Wigan, Brighton, Middlesbrough, Hackney, Hull, Falmouth, Liverpool and Lincoln provide free meals to vulnerable school children during the holidays.  

Rashford child poverty campaign earns him titles 

The Rashford child poverty campaign for the deprived sections of society saw him being awarded the MBE — the third-highest order of the British Empire. In December last year, he was conferred with the ‘Panel Special Award’ during the BBC SPOTY ceremony. His efforts were recognised by the judging panel for his exceptional efforts to campaign for the free school meals scheme. 

Besides, his philanthropic activities were recognised by TIME Magazine when he was included in the list of Next 100 Most Influential People in the world. Formula One star Lewis Hamilton jotted down praise in recognition of the Man United star’s exceptional efforts in the UK.

Image courtesy: Man United Instagram

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