Marvel’s Avengers Becomes More Like Destiny With Its Upcoming Patrol Mode

Marvel’s Avengers already has a few elements that have clearly been inspired by Bungie’s successful space sandbox Destiny 2, and it’s about to add one more similar feature to its world in the form of an upcoming Patrol mode. With a busy summer period ahead of the game, the new Patrol mode will give players a wide area to explore, one that isn’t constrained by the usual mission parameters.

Players will be able to complete quests and earn rewards, but the new mode will only be open in the Wasteland area when it arrives. Introduced in the recent Operation: Future Imperfect expansion, the Wasteland is a vast and open post-apocalyptic area inhabited by mercenaries and the remnants of AIM’s robot army that were active during the Kree invasion of the planet. The Wasteland will be split into three key areas: Kree Sentry graveyard, Ruined City, and SHIELD stronghold.

The area sounds like an ideal map in which to harvest rare resources, complete assignments and spend time leveling up your Avenger of choice, similar to how Destiny 2 operates with its multiple levels dotted across the solar system. Marvel’s Avengers has other zones which could also easily fit into this new mode, such as its Eastern Seaboard, Pacific Northwest, and Snowy Tundra levels which rotate in and out of the game as War Zone stages.

Marvel’s Avengers is currently preparing for a more content-packed future, as developer Crystal Dynamics has revealed the roadmap for the next few months. Black Panther will headline the War for Wakanda expansion as the next playable character in a future update listed under “summer and beyond” on the roadmap, with new gameplay options, cosmetic updates, and in-game events also being added throughout the year as part of a renewed drive by the developer to further fine-tune and strengthen the game.

In the more immediate future, players can try out Tachyon Anomaly missions that allow for any combination of four heroes and Red Room Takeover, which provides the HARM training room with a Black Widow-themed makeover. Those two modes will arrive in the spring season.

Just don’t expect Spider-Man to be featured in those plans just yet, as the PlayStation-exclusive hero won’t be swinging in to save the day for quite some time.

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