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Sedentary lifestyle caused by lockdown will cause blood clots

It seems that a small number of inexplicable clots are preventing the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

If people feel concerned about the dangers of clotting, they might consider the effect of almost a year of lockdown which has promoted, through fear and restrictions, an imposed sedentary insular lifestyle that will lead to many clots occurring, especially in the confined and fearful elderly population.

With the best will in the world, success in dealing with Covid-19 might only mean dying of other things.

Eugene Tannam

Firhouse, Dublin 24


We have much to learn about valuing logic over sentiment

Who would disagree with Billy O Hanluain (‘Well-argued book by philosopher could have erased ridiculous notion of ‘feelings’ as ‘truth’, Letters, March 13)?

The importance of foregrounding reason and logic over sentiment when analysing any issue should not, of course, be the preserve of academic pursuit. Simone de Beauvoir was very much a product of a French intellectual tradition informed by a firm and thorough grounding in classical philosophy.

I would point to the 16th-century essayist Michel de Montaigne who also favours emotional detachment and whose stoicism and scepticism are particularly relevant to the current context.

The French clearly have much to teach us in terms of a rigorous intellectual approach to life.

Sarah Alyn Stacey FTCD

French Department, Trinity College Dublin


No comparison between a church and a supermarket

With reference to the recent letters regarding the opening of churches for Easter ceremonies, I wish to state that there is no comparison between a supermarket and a church (‘Not fair churches stay shut while shops can open’, Letters, March 16).

One needs to purchase food in the supermarket, it’s an essential item, but as another writer stated (‘True faith is not reliant on churches being open’, Letters, March 15) stated, “we do not have to enter a church building to find Christ – he is always accessible, anytime or place”.

By limiting numbers in churches for public worship, we are excluding the majority of those who wish to attend.

This is contrary to Christ’s practice of inclusivity. As Easter is the high point of the Christian calendar, is it not advisable that we remain equal? We must do the right thing and partake in the ceremonies online, at home, while remaining safe.

As for the supermarkets, perhaps on our visits there we could purchase something to donate to those in need, which would truly bring the message of Christ and that of Easter alive.

C Clarke

Swords, Co Dublin


Buying food is essential but we can watch Mass online

In reply to Susan Burke’s letter (‘Not fair that churches stay shut while shops can open,’ March 16), it is necessary to uphold our religion and do what that takes. But if we feel we need to go to Mass in a pandemic when no other inessential places are open, as she said, we don’t need to go to Mass to pray as we can do so at home, watch Mass online or visit churches for private prayer.

The only places we can visit are supermarkets and that is our only social outing now, while we buy our products that are essential for our body and mental health.

J Burke

Lucan, Co Dublin

Stander was inspiration and will be missed by rugby fans

It’s very sad to see rugby player CJ Stander has decided to call it a day at the tender age of 31. He was one of the best signings Munster made in the professional era and, like Doug Howlett, seemed to buy into the whole Munster ethic. Luckily, for both Munster and Ireland, we can look forward to a whole new set of greatly talented back-rowers, some of whom were undoubtedly inspired by CJ Stander. He will be missed.

David Ryan

Co Meath


Call time on politicians who always push the ‘nanny state’

Minister of State Patrick O’Donovan appears to be calling for some introduction of alcohol prohibition in Ireland.  

Speaking from my own position as a non-alcohol drinker, let me say that abstinence is a personal choice.

Why cannot the representatives of the nanny state take a day off from time to time – or at least try not to pretend they see themselves as better than the citizens by making crass comments?

Robert Sullivan

Bantry, Co Cork

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