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The push for the Ike Dike is heading to Joe Biden’s office

One Texas state representative hasn’t forgotten about the Ike Dike.

Rep. Gene Wu tweeted that his office is circulating a letter addressed to President Joe Biden requesting federal support for the “Ike Dike,” a manmade coastal barrier that would protect the Greater Houston area from devastating storm damage like that seen during Hurricane Ike in 2008.

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“The Texas coast is home to millions of people, as well as some of our nation’s largest ports and industries. It is also the yearly target of dangerous and destructive tropical storms and hurricanes,” the letter reads.

“The financial damage from storms such as Hurricanes Rita, Ike and Harvey have totaled nearly $250 billion in less than 20 years. These astronomical financial sums are cause enough for concern, but when combined with the devastating environmental damage and the irreplaceable loss of human life, it is clear that Texas is in dire need of greater coastal resiliency.”

Wu, who represents parts of Houston, encouraged Texans to call on their state representatives and senators to sign the letter.

Officials have said the newest version of the Ike Dike would cost $26.2 billion, less than initial cost estimates of $32 billion, the Houston Chronicle’s Nick Powell reported in October.

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Three major hurricanes narrowly missed Houston-Galveston region in 2020. Mayor Sylvester Turner expressed his support for a barrier after Houston avoided a direct hit from Hurricane Laura, as well as making a plea to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee for officials to speed up funding for the Ike Dike.

“I don’t know how many chances we are going to have … Whatever it may be that can mitigate storm surge, then that’s what I am in favor of,” Turner said, AP’s Juan A. Lozano reported. “What I do know is we can’t keep just talking about it.”

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