This Week’s Hudson County Coronavirus Numbers And Trends

HUDSON COUNTY, NJ — Although more than a third of New Jersey residents have now received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, the virus continues to be a factor in the area.

The county has had 1,973 confirmed deaths, or 25 new confirmed deaths, since the previous week, an increase of 1.3 percent.

Last Friday’s numbers from the state indicated that Hudson County has had a total of 74,732 confirmed cases, up 7,977 cases from four weeks earlier. There were 1,948 Confirmed Deaths, up 88 from four weeks earlier.

In New Jersey on Monday, there were 27 new deaths reported since the day before. The state has seen a total of 22,323 deaths total.

As of the most recent hospitalization count on Monday, 2,261 people are hospitalized with the virus, 448 of those in critical care. There are 958 reports of CDC variants of concern.

The state’s daily death toll has never declined to the level of Sept. 8, when only 2 deaths were reported in one day. New Jersey’s peak daily death toll was on April 30, 2020, with 460 fatalities reported in one day. The numbers then steadily dropped during the shutdowns in the summer, until September, when they began rising again.


On April 19, all New Jersey residents 16 and over will be eligible to be vaccinated.

As of Friday, across the country, approximately 565,000 Americans had died of the virus. (You can see which states had the highest death toll in the past week on this CDC map.)

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Here are statewide coronavirus resources:

  • NJ COVID-19 Information Hub:
  • General COVID-19 questions: 2-1-1
  • NJ COVID-19 hotline: (800) 222-1222

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