Warzone Zombies Heading to Burger Town, Nuke Event Date Teased?

It looks as though Warzone’s zombies are heading to Burger Town next, while Activision teases the date for the incoming nuke.

Call of Duty: Warzone has been playing host to the undead since the beginning of Season 2. On February 25, zombies arrived in Warzone, and they’ve been on quite a journey since then.

As warning levels rise, zombies are visiting more and more iconic locations across Verdansk. But finally, their tour of the battle royale is coming to an end.

(Source: Activision)

Warzone players don’t really care about the zombie invasion, it’s fair enough to say. In fact, the map’s ongoing event appears to be due to a major delay getting the new Warzone map ready.

Thankfully, it looks as though the zombies’ next stop will be one of their very last as they head to Burger Town and tease the incoming nuke event.

Warzone Zombies Move to Burger Town, Final Location Revealed?

The Warzone Zombies are going to be shambling over to Burger Town next, according to a new email sent by Raven Software.

On a greasy Burger Town wrapper, the following note reveals the zombies’ next destination:

“Came looking for supplies. Then [BLOOD] arrived. Some burst into flames. Took refuge in food court. Then others started releasing [BLOOD] gas. Lost appetite. Running out of options. Will find higher ground at [BLOOD].”

Warzone burger town zombies location tease
(Source: Activision)

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Despite some stains, this does give us a good idea of what to expect when zombies arrive at Warzone’s Burger Town. First of all, it looks as though gas and fire variants of the undead will be present.

What’s more, we know where the final ‘higher ground’ Warzone zombies location will be.

Nuke Event Release Date Tease

Some eagle-eyed fans have even spotted a potential release date for Warzone’s upcoming nuke event in this promo. On the Burger Town receipt, we can see that the order number is 421, giving us an April 21 release date.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen that date crop up either. The number has also appeared in the background of a previous email, making fans suspicious.

We know that April 21 is not likely to be the day that the nuke officially drops. However, it’s probably at least the start of the Warzone Plague Mode event which will feature an undead army and a nuke.

nuke Black Ops Cold War warzone
(Source: Activision)

From there, one final event is already being teased in-game with a ‘Verdansk Goes Boom’ reward. It’s here that Verdansk will be destroyed forever, but players will somehow be sent back in time.

Our next Warzone map is 1980s Verdansk, claims a new leaked trailer. And the following new POIs are already leaking for the 80s Verdansk map.

Unfortunately, a new leak reveals that Warzone’s upcoming map won’t arrive until Season 4!

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